Target Archery .

Desert Sky Archers is a Competitive and Recreational target archery club.

Desert Sky coaches teach competitive form to improve shooting skills for the casual to highly skilled archer.

Desert Sky Club JOADs Team practice on Wednesday and Friday evenings 7:00 to 9:00PM. 

All DSA members are allowed to practice on Wednesday and Fridays from 5PM to 7PM.  This is open shooting time and not club coaching time.

Policies and fees for Desert Sky JOAD are as follows:

Desert Sky JOAD archers must be a member of Desert Sky Archers and the USA Archery Association (DSA fees do not include the USA Archery Membership fee)

Membership is based on Six Months.

Payment is required by end of February and August each year.

Membership Level in Team Desert Sky Archers

DSA Member

  • Dues are $150 per six months for the first family member, each additional family member is $75
  • Use of club equipment for the first six months while shooting at the Ben Avery Range
  • Approximately 3 to 4 practices a month
  • Must volunteer 3 times a year per family (see volunteer policy)
  • Ages 8 years and up (younger may be allowed with interview)
  • Each family has 1 vote in general membership voting
  • Open practice Wednesday and Friday 5PM-7PM
  • Coached Practice Friday 7PM to 9PM

Volunteer Policy
Desert Sky Archers strives to keep our costs down for our membership. We can only achieve this through our membership donating their time and hard work. Our policy is as follows:

  • Each family MUST volunteer 3 times at minimum. 1 volunteer time is equal to about 5 hours. Meaning you must volunteer for 4-5 hours to get 1 volunteer time
  •  Volunteering for tournaments will be broken up into times and each volunteer into a job that is comfortable for the volunteer.
  • Volunteering will be kept track to ensure everyone meets their volunteering time.
  • Families can opt out of volunteering under new membership level.

Membership without volunteer time

DSA Member Level

  • As above under DSA Membership to all items
  • Exception: membership dues are $300 per six months
  • additional member level family is $150 per six months

Other Requirements to be a member of DSA

  • Archer must be a member of USA Archery-Full Membership, not recreational membership
  • Any parent or family member(over 15) that volunteers must take Safesport
  • Understand the Rules and Regulations of USA Archery and World Archery
  • Follow the Athlete’s Pledge, Non Athlete’s Pledge, Code of Conduct, and Code of Ethics 

Coaching Staff

  • Steve Yee-Head Coach, Level 4 Coach, USA Archery Regional Coach, Member of USA Archery Coach's Council 
  • Rick Bachman-Club President, Level 3 Coach
  • Krista Colonna-Club Vice President, Level 3 Coach
  • Susan Yee-Level 3 Coach
  • Arvid Veidmark III-Level 3 Coach
  • Sanel Alihodzic-Bow Tech Specialist
  • Allen Alihodzic-Bow Tech Specialist
  • Nitalya Bilyk-Level 2 Coach
  • Tyler Bachman-Level 2 Coach, National Champion, College USAT Winner
  • Kim Hicks-Level 2 Coach, State Champion
  • Maya Miller-Level 2 Coach, State Champion
  • Kerry Stadjuhar-Level 2 Coach
  • Tim Liston-Level 2 Coach, Director
  • Kristine Krebs-Level 2 Coach, State Champion, Director
  • Michael McCulloch-Level 2 Coach, Director
  • Shawna Cordeiro-Level 2 Coach
  • Jaime Taylor-Level 2 Coach
  • Jolynn Turner-Level 2 Coach
  • Hailey Chambers-Level 2 Coach
  • Aidan Hammer-Level 2 Coach
  • ​Lori Perkins-Level 2 Coach
  • Katie Krebs-Level 1 Coach, State Champion, Red Team Member, USAT Winner
  • Jac Stadjuhar-Level 1 Coach
  • Nico Baker-Level 1 Coach