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Brief Tournament Descriptions (subject to change)

2024 DSA Tournament Series Information

2024 DSA Season Points Standings

Tournaments with registration open: (not all listed are hosted by DSA)​​​​

​2024 July Juggernaut July 27-28 Registration closed Registered Archers

2024 Summer Sizzle Aug 3-4  ​Registered Archers

2024 USAA Outdoor Nationals Aug 14-17

​2024 DSA Iron Archer Sept 28-29  Registered Archers

2024 Fall Frenzy Nov 23-24 Registered Archers

​2024 Candy Cane Crunch Dec 20-22 Registered Archers

2024 DSA Calendar

​Completed Tournaments​​​​​​

2023 July Juggernaut  Qualifying  Round Robin Results

2023 Summer Sizzle

2023 DSA Iron Archer  Round Robin Results

2023 ABFAA International

2023 USAA AZ State Outdoor Championships    Between Ends

2023 Candy Cane Crunch

2023 ABFAA 5 Spot State Indoor 

​2024 USAA AZ State Indoor Championship

2024 Easton Scholarship Tour Desert Storm 

​2024 USAA AZ State JOAD Indoor Championship

2024 Shamrock Slam

2024 Arizona Cup

2024 USAA AZ JOAD Outdoor

2024 Gator Cup

2024 Vegas Vengeance

2024 SoCal Showdown

2024 USAA AZ State Masters Indoor

2024 ABFAA 3 Spot State Championship

Shamrock Slam Records

Summer Sizzle Records (these are based on just the Sizzle tournament)

Candy Cane Crunch Records (these are based on just the Candy Cane Tournament)

Vegas Vengeance Records (these are based on just the Vegas Vengeance)

July Juggernaut Records (these are based on just the July Juggernaut)